We are delighted to announce the latest addition to our ever-growing range of products. We have just launched a new line of wholesale fashion scarves! We’re now selling beautiful, bold and bright scarves alongside our jewellery range, to give you even more variety.

We’ve got beautiful scarves to suit all budgets, with our lowest priced fashion scarves starting from just £2. This is incredible value for such high-quality products, and will allow you to make plenty of margin whilst still keeping your pricing extremely competitive.

Why add scarves to your range?

We’ve started selling wholesale fashion scarves because there has been an increasing demand for them from our jewellery customers, and it’s easy to see why! Scarves sit extremely well alongside jewellery as they are another classic gifting item. We’ve got a range of different patterns and styles to give your customers plenty of choice, and you can mix and match as many of each variety as you like.

Not only are they a natural choice to accompany the jewellery you sell, scarves also add help to catch the eye of potential customers from further away. It can often be tricky to make your jewellery stand or display look attractive from a distance, because the items on offer are usually small and delicate. Displaying scarves alongside jewellery solves this problem as there is something bright and colourful to attract customers before they can see the detail of the jewellery in your display.

We work to the same values with our scarves as we do with our jewellery, so have produced a range which is low in cost but high in quality. We don’t have a minimum order quantity, so if we still haven’t convinced you, you don’t need to take our word for it. Order a few varieties as a trial and see how much difference they can really make to your business!