wholesale summer 2017 jewelleryThe details of an outfit can really make it or break it, and having the perfect jewellery is vital. The jewellery trends for summer 2017 are all about bold statement pieces.

Let’s take a closer look at the kinds of jewellery that will be hitting the high street ready for summer.



Statement necklaces

Recent seasons have been all about the choker, but long necklaces are making a return for summer 2017. Faux diamonds and other plays on fine jewellery are at one end of the spectrum but eclectic materials such as ropes and chains are at the other. Whatever they’re made from, necklaces need to be vivid and eye-catching.

We also haven’t seen the last of the choker, and for this season it has slimmed down a lot. We’re seeing a range of materials, but the designs are simple, and above all, they are very thin.

Statement earrings

Summer 2017 is all about quirky earrings made from different materials, and bold, graphic shapes are the way to go. The more unusual, the better. Statement earrings are also going to be worn individually for another take on the trend.

Arm cuffs

Strong shapes and futuristic designs are in for arm cuffs this season. Arm cuffs will be worn as statement pieces to really finish off an outfit, so think large, eye-catching designs.

Uncut stones

Minerals and uncut stones are going to be big this summer. Slices of agate on long necklaces and chunky pieces of raw stones worn on shorter necklaces will make a real impact.

Ear cuffs

Ear cuffs are growing in size and almost becoming art in their own right. For summer 2017, larger ear cuffs are going to be on trend, and, as with this season’s earrings, they’re going to be making a statement with striking shapes and designs.

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