50 Pack Of Silver Acrylic Beads

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This 50-pack of silver acrylic beads is the ideal piece of stock for providing a DIY jewellery option. From necklaces and bracelets to anklets and hair-braids, these acrylic beads can be used to accessorise anything and are great sellers! Each individual bead is approximately 11x8mm to 14x16mm wide, 6-12mm thick and with a hole roughly 4.5-5.8mm wide. With 50 single beads included, you can sell them on their own, or use them to create your own pieces for sale.

Size: Approx :11x8mm-14x16mm
Hole size :4.5-5.8mm Thickness: 6-12mm

Material: Acrylic

Packaging: Zip Bag

This item is not supplied gift boxed.

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