If you have always dreamed of setting up your own jewellery business then stop dreaming and take action. Below we share with you some inspirational ideas for starting a jewellery business that will fit into your lifestyle, are flexible, and which involve low start up costs.

Choose hours to suit you

When setting up a small jewellery business it is important that the business works around you and any family commitments. The business can help to supplement your income, or can be done as a hobby in your spare time, which over time can then lead to more work and a full time business. Start slow and see where you go.

Create an online presence

An online presence is always an advantage. Use social media to your advantage and create a Facebook business page to build your online audience and attract local customers. Etsy is also a good place to sell your jewellery. Use as many platforms as possible to help build your business.

Be versatile and sell anywhere

It’s a good idea to sell your jewellery in as many places as possible, and in doing so hand out business cards and flyers. Sell at car boots (you may also pick up a few bargains), craft fairs, local markets and even themed jewellery parties. Be flexible and versatile.

Source your stock

When starting a jewellery business it is important to source your stock from wherever you can. Gain inspiration from absolutely everywhere. If you make your own jewellery then you have a good starting point, but it’s always a good idea to source as many different styles as you can. Please feel free to browse and buy stock from Vicki Jane. We have a wide variety of jewellery items for sale to suit all tastes.

Be brave and start your jewellery business today!