So, 2017 has started which means there are new up and coming trends within the jewellery industry. One element that we know for a fact is that this year it’s all about big statements, with shoppers either going big or going home!

Here are just a couple of the upcoming hottest trends for you to look out for in 2017:

1. Chokers

Leading on from the 2016 choker trend, this year will certainly be continuing with the choker craze. Although last year was mostly all about thick velvet chokers, 2017 will see a selection of thinner pieces making their way on to the high street. Delicate neck pieces such as fine chokers can be worn with almost anything; from dresses to tops and jeans… the list is endless. Yet, a number of extremely oversized chokers are also about to become fashion statements, so watch this space.

2. Bracelets over sleeves

Yes, that’s right! Bracelets are now being worn over sleeves in the winter months, meaning that arm jewellery can still be worn without having to show off flesh. It really is a killer detail which symbolises confidence and individuality. Although chunky bangles seem to have dwindled away in recent years, it appears that they are returning bigger than ever.

3. Statement necklaces

Statement necklaces can jazz up a plain outfit and it seems that they will be returning during 2017. In a new style, it appears that huge necklaces will be playing with different eras and periods by mixing medieval and ancient with modern day high street.

4. Layered necklaces

Provide your customers with the option to wear a number of necklaces at one time, as it seems that mixing and matching is the hip new fashion trend. Thinner necklaces can be worn together to create a bold statement, which is just as effective as one large piece. The biggest 2017 crazes will be pendants and other eclectic inspirations.

If you would like to purchase quirky, fashionable jewellery pieces for your range, please contact us today.